Leandro Ferrão was born in a town near Dortmund, Germany. At the age of six, he moved to Portugal, Lisbon. As a student, he attended the Lusófona University, in Lisbon, completing his master's in Cinema and beginning to develop his skills as a Director of Photography.

After graduating, he won an ‘Honor Mention’ award from Kodak worldwide. This made him get quite some attention from the Portuguese market that started giving him some good chances to be part of very defying projects for a newcomer.

He was invited to Poland, Lodz, where he did several workshops of cinematography with Dante Spinotti, Vilmus Sigmund and János Xantus.

Since 2007 Leandro is working as an independent cinematographer, doing films for brand Lamborghini. Over the past few years, he shot many commercials, short fiction projects and music videos. Some of his projects were selected for national and international film festivals.
On the present day, he is preparing his first feature film with the renowned producer Paulo Branco. The movie will be shot this year.

Telf: +351938926294